Glen Wasserstein

Glen Wasserstein, Author at Immigration Law Group


Glen D. Wasserstein is Managing Partner of ILG. ​ Mr. Wasserstein specializes in E-2 Investor Visas, L-1 visas, H-1B visas, PERM/Labor Certification applications, federal litigation and complex consular processing issues such as waivers of inadmissibility. Mr. Wasserstein worked for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific during the 103rd Congress (1994-1995). While at the subcommittee, Mr. Wasserstein specialized in international trade and immigration. In 1996, Mr. Wasserstein founded ILG. In 2000, Mr. Wasserstein spoke before the 10th annual United Nations Convention on Crime in Vienna, Austria on the issue of human trafficking. Mr. Wasserstein has been interviewed by many media outlets, including CNN, ABCNews, BBC, FoxNews, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Voice of America (VOA), The Kansas City Star, Yahoo News, Polish National Television (PTN) and United Press International (UPI) on immigration issues. He is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia. Mr. Wasserstein holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a law degree from American University’s Washington College of Law.
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